Age Appropriate Accessorizing for Your Kids

Aug 21 , 2019

Queen's Landing

Age Appropriate Accessorizing for Your Kids

The sweetest trend in fashion since Ryan Gosling made onesies fashionable has to be matching mommy and daughter outfits. There’s something extra adorable about dressing up your children as you and planning your outfits so that you and your daughter or son complement each other. This makes running errands together or going on playdates or even a nice low-key picnic in the park even more fun. A hassle-free way to have matching outfits is by accessorizing with your kids!

Accessorizing for your children is vital because it helps them express their personal style and taste in fashion. Even if it is them taking inspiration from you and your style, it’s the first step towards teaching them how to dress up on their own. Here are some fun ways to accessorize your children’s back to school looks

Funky Socks and Shoes

If your child goes to school wearing a uniform or even if they don’t, the best way to let them step up their style is by wearing funky socks and shoes. Let your child pick their favorite style of shoes and color so that they can have a personalized touch to their outfit. Similarly, fun socks underneath the uniform can make it less tedious for kids and make them feel more confident. It can also help kids socialize in school with one another about their favorite cartoon characters on their socks.



When it comes to little girls, they can even wear subtle and delicate jewelry to birthday parties or formal dinners that you might attend as a family. If your daughter’s ears are pierced, getting lots of studs in different shapes can let her mix and match different pairs. Depending on your child’s comfort level or preference, you can get her unicorn-themed necklaces or bracelets. This can also be a good mommy moment for you, and you can get a pair of faux pearls to match your own classic pair.


Hair accessories

Hairstyles and hair accessories are the best type of expression for kids. Kids look up to all kinds of athletes and stars and are inspired by their hairstyles. Accessorizing hair with hats, and hair clips that make them feel special and keeps their hair out of the way.

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