Pearls for Pretty Girls—the Perfect Accessory to Class Up Any Outfit

Aug 01 , 2019

Queen's Landing

Pearls for Pretty Girls—the Perfect Accessory to Class Up Any Outfit

There’s a reason why designers are trying to introduce pearls into millennial fashion, it’s because they are timeless. Gone are the days when pearls were associated to your grandmother’s wardrobe, exclusively. Nowadays, they are not just considered traditional and conservative, but have elevated to becoming much more than that. They have always had flair for elegance and poise and can make anyone who wears them look like royalty.

What’s so special about our pearls

At Queen’s Landing we believe in upholding the tradition of fine, cultured pearls being a symbol for a young blossoming woman’s rite of passage into a more elite social group. Preserving this tradition, and flaunted by many celebrities throughout the eras, we want to bring the finest quality pearls as the absolute must have accessory for the real queens of America so they can don this statement pieces with poise and pride. Working women don’t have to back away from opting for accessories which are not as suitable for work because pearls are the answer to that problem.

They come in 9mm which is the largest pearl size. They are also almost perfectly round and make the perfect gift for any occasion. You can gift them in the beautiful suede box they are packaged in.

Why pearls are such a favoriteUnrestricted fashion styles

Pearls can transform any outfit to look modern and stylish and are fit for any occasion. Transitioning for a day to night time look? Pearls are your staple accessory to avoid the hassle of changing things up too much when you just don’t have enough time.

Unrestricted fashion styles

Whether it’s a casual sundress you want to flaunt in the summer or a classy formal floor length gown, all you need to add a touch of elegance is the perfect string of pearls. You can add sophistication to your work outfits and make them look new by styling an old button down with pearls. They also look great with multiple kinds of fabric, such as satin, lace, chiffon and other elegant designs.

You can layer it with other pearl necklaces for a flashier look or tie them closer to your neck for the choker effect. Pair it with complementary earrings and you’re almost going to be red carpet ready.

You’re not restricted to any one color either, even though traditionally pearls were worn solely with black. But in this day and age, there are no more rules. As a queen you can make your own rules.

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