Slow Fashion and Sales—A Guide Fast

Sep 02 , 2019

Queen's Landing

Slow Fashion and Sales—A Guide Fast

Fast fashion is slowly becoming less appealing to environmentalist consumers worldwide. Fast fashion is the third largest polluting industry in the world. There is more social awareness amongst consumers about how big brands produce fashion accessories, clothes, and shoes. Consumer behavior trends are changing, and people want to know what is being produced where and what impact it has on the environment. Fashion waste is expected to increase to 148 million tons in the next ten years.

With fast fashion, the emphasis is always on ‘what’s in today is out tomorrow’. When articles of clothing are discarded so quickly, it just increases waste. Following trends in the fashion industry can be tough to keep up with as well.

At Queen’s Landing, we don’t believe in adding to the already piling waste. This is why our products are all about slow fashion. We tone down the urgency to immediately buy designer clothes inspired products off the rack and bring you fantastic sale offers.

What exactly is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is a movement and the beginning of increased awareness amongst both consumers and producers to be more fashion-forward politically and socially. Kate Fletcher coined this term when she recognized the need for the pace of the industry to slow down. So what are some of the qualities that slow fashion should have? Let’s take a look.


Premium quality and durability

Some of the defining attributes of slow fashion that we have incorporated into all our products as well are an emphasis on high quality and sustainable materials. Whether it’s shoes, accessories, or apparel, we make sure that our products are made with materials that are durable and can be reused repeatedly. This cuts down the need for excessive clothes and shoes that are just discarded at the end of the season. Check out our website for the most affordable footwear for women, including heels and wedges.

Our online store appeals exclusively to the local market and the products are not as disposable as they would be in a large chain brand.

We also have sales that can help you purchase items at affordable rates and keep your closet budget-friendly throughout the year. Whether you’re shopping for your family or the other queens in your life, Queen’s Landing USA has got your back.

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