The Hottest Colors Spotted in Summer 2019 Fashion

Jul 18 , 2019

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The Hottest Colors Spotted in Summer 2019 Fashion

Spring and summer are times when the fashion world brings forth its A-game. They let you enjoy showing off your creativity, style and willingness to experiment.

After long periods of using neutral colors and subdued tones, designers, celebs, stylists and anyone else who’s into fashion is bringing back colors. And by colors, we mean bright, fun, vibrant and unique colors—not your run of the mill shades like baby pinks and blues; we’re talking neons, purple on purple, wild berry red shoes. You name it and you’ll find incredible outfits in every color.

What are the trendiest colors this season?

trendiest colors this season

As we said, some colors are more popular than others when it comes to experimenting and being wild. It’s like the 80s all over again, with bright blues, greens, and pinks all around—from accessories, to makeup, and even whole outfits.

And thanks to Pantone, we have names for all the gorgeous shades we see. Even though we can’t even pronounce persimmon without getting tongue-tied!

Living Coral

Color of the year, Living Coral is described by Pantone as “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” It’s a gorgeous light orange shade that we’ve seen pop up consistently in magazines, on television, on the internet; basically everywhere.

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Can’t get any more royal than this and we love it! Shades of purple have been popping up everywhere we look—from shoes to makeup, dresses, pant suits. This color is all the rage. It’s definitely our favorite too, as you can see with these shoes that are equally popular among our customers or you can check out our selection of fashion wedges shoes online.




A surprising choice, greens have been reigning supreme when it comes to the world of fashion. Whether you’re thinking of neons, lime green, emerald, it’s all over. Incredibly eye-catching, you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s not surprising that this spring/summer trend has been around for over a year now. We love it and hope we see more of it too!




Another color that never really went away, we’re now fully embracing candy and bubblegum pinks, enjoying all shades of pink. It’s perfect to wear to work, to kids’ school events, etc. Whether you want to buy womens accessories or makeup , pink is in, in all its shades and all its glory.

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