There’s a New Kid on the Block and She Looks Fabulous In Her Tutu!

Jul 23 , 2019

Queen's Landing

There’s a New Kid on the Block and She Looks Fabulous In Her Tutu!

This fabulous and soft cotton dress is stretchable and comfortable for your little princess to be flaunting on her first day of school. Available for little girls between two to six years of age, it’s a must have for their back-to-school wardrobe. Let your little girl feel like a ballerina and help her live up to her dreams and aspirations.

The best part about having little girls in your family is that the both of you can have so much fun dressing them up in the cutest outfits. Frills, bows, pearls and the latest addition to the thrill of a princess’s wardrobe-Tutus!

With women like Serena Williams also flaunting a tutu, who better for your daughter to look up to than a queen in her everyday life like her. Let’s look at a brief history of the tutu to see where this frivolous ensemble originated.

Tutu-A history

The first person to ever wear a tutu was Marie Taglioni, a Swedish ballerina who performed on a stage at the Paris Opera and scandalized the audiences because her skirt was unconventionally short enough to bare her ankles.

Originally, the skirt was made from thirty yards of tulle and took the shape of a bell. It was called The Romantic because of the way it flowed so elegantly. The excessiveness of fabric was eventually cut back on as in 1862 Emma Livry’s skirt caught fire and she suffered burns because she was performing very close to the stage lamps. Gradually, the tutu became shorter in length so that dancers could perform with ease.

Many designers from all over the world have designed the tutu, with the most famous of them all being a woman! Barbara Karinska is the most famous costumer for the New York City Ballet, who has designed some of the most breathtaking and elegant tutus for American ballerinas.

Tutu –An Inspiration

Tutu comes from the french language and means bottom. It’s classic in design and because of its exclusive association to dancers and the most elegant ballerinas, it’s revered by girls all over the world. It empowers them and inspired them to be free flowing and expressive.

What better way to make your daughter, niece, god daughter or baby sister feel like a princess everyday than to gift her this cute dress? You can find this on our website for only $13.99! It’s the perfect gift to give to a growing young girl and help her feel special and buy princess hair clips assortment gift box to add that little bit extra.

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