About Us

As a female executive, I had difficulty to find a good pair of dress shoes for many years. As I am suffering multiple foot issues, such as heel pain, bunion, Plantar fasciitis, especially after I had my second girl 4 years ago. All dress shoes in the market are either flats or high heels. I just can’t wear heels anymore, it hurts like hell and I can’t walk on them, good lord! For flats, I did some research and found out a shocking fact that flats look comfy but they are equally as bad for your feet as flip flops because they, too, provide little support. There is no arch system to help absorb the brunt of the pressure the feet endure every day. It caused my heel pains just a few hours wearing them. I also tried orthopedic shoes, but they are heavy, bulky and not very pretty with my dress suit. Also they cost hundreds of dollars!

Through the years, I will bring several special pairs from oversea to home that I shopped and hand selected. Those shoes are much better made and built in mind with several new features to provide the max comfort and support. Most of are medium wedge and I had many people asked me where you got those shoes? They are so cute and looks comfy! I said they sure are really soft but they are not available here as I brought them in person. They are disappointed and I was wondering myself why there is no such shoes in here that people in need can wear? Should I bring people a better option (middle ground) to improve quality of life? Shoes are so important, you literally wear them 10 hours+ a day! We also know so little or care so little about our foot health until they have issues, but then it is too late. Foot damage can’t be reversed or healed.

It made me think even deeper…

- Shouldn’t’ we prioritize our body health other than influenced by gender high fashion?

- Shouldn’t we start to take care of our foot and body at younger age by more education and consciously making healthy choices?

- Shouldn’t we express self-confidence as a Queen to define your own style?

There is one saying came to my mind when I am thinking my brand. Don’t all ladies would like to find someone who loves you and treats you like a “Queen”?

I think it is time for us to treat ourselves as a Queen as we are strong and confident, take charge of our body and stands for good value. So after over a year’s preparation, searching, sourcing and design test samples, I created this special shoe line “Queen’s Landing” for the people in need. Queens Landing USA offers a gorgeous collection of specially designed, hand-picked collection of footwear that’s comfy, stylish and most of all, affordable!

Our shoes are NOT general fashion shoes, you need to try them on and you can’t live without them!

Be a Queen of Comfort!