Wedges Never Looked THIS Good!

Jul 25 , 2019

Queen's Landing

Wedges Never Looked THIS Good!


Ladies, summer time is here and it’s time to break out your summer dresses and unabashedly dress it up and bring the heat in any way you can. You can bid farewell to all those closed shoes which made your feet hurt and bring out all the cute sandals and wedges. You don’t have to wear flimsy flip flops that hurt your feet and you can be kind to your feet by ditching that deadly pair of stilettos because wedges are the smarter and safer option. All the latest trends have spoken and wedges are here to stay.

Why wear these wedges?

It’s time for women’s footwear to be more comfortable and affordable. At Queen’s Landing we bring only the best in footwear. Our wedges are designed to specifically bring more options for American ladies who want comfortable and affordable shoes for work.Why wear these wedges?

The shoes are made with orthopedic principles to reduce pain and provide relief and extra support to aching arches.

The leather used in some of our wedges is made of breathable material. The outsole is designed to be adjustable to every movement. You can strut around this summer in style without having to compromise on your comfort level.

With padded, cushioned insoles you can just slip these on and off and be the Queen you are!

Transition with regal grace from day events to night time fun

Prepare yourself for summer with this must have summer wardrobe staple. It’s the most ideal for working women because you can easily use them for your day to night transition. Wear them to your business meeting in the day and head straight to patio hour without missing a beat with our colorful and comfy shoes.

Wedges go with almost any outfit you have planned for this summer

The best part about wedges is that you can dress them up and dress them down. These wedges can be styled with your oldest and most favorite pair of jeans, or with a long flowy summer dress. There are no restrictions to your outfit because you can buy wedge shoes online that can work with everything.

Walk on any surface with ease in our stylish wedges

Wedges are perfect for long nights spent dancing or standing for too long during work, because they provide your ankles and arches the necessary support. You can also wear them easily to all kinds of beach and garden parties because their flat base doesn’t sink into the sand or soil as it tends to with stilettos and other high heels.

Visit our website to explore our range of whole day wearing shoes for womens.


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