Summer Fashion on a Budget

Aug 26 , 2019

Queen's Landing

Summer Fashion on a Budget

Fashion comes and goes but good style doesn’t have to be seasonal. Whether it’s fall, spring, summer or winter, dressing up and staying within budget is an art and you can master it too. There’s no reason you can’t look good and feel comfortable this summer without breaking the bank. Get the best summer looks while spending the least amount of money with the help of Queen’s Landing.

We want you to feel comfortable and look chic at the same time. And you shouldn’t have to do that by spending crazy amounts of money at departmental stores or designer brands. Making basic changes to your wardrobe can help you stay classy and get the perfect look you need.

Having the right shoes and accessories can make it easier to style one summer dress in multiple ways. This is a great hack that will help you stay within your budget when you only have to buy one dress and make it look like five completely new ones. It’s the oldest fashion trick in the book and with Queen’s Landing’s high quality products, we can teach you just how to get it right.


Footwear needs to be comfy, breathable and versatile! Summer time calls for open-toed shoes so your feet can stay aired and you don’t have to worry about bunions and calluses. At Queen’s Landing, two of our fastest selling products are the wedge summer sandals available in two colors, so they match with all your outfits. They are also currently on sale and only for $39.99 so buy wedge shoes online!


Most importantly, they have been designed with orthopedic principles so you can keep your heel elevated and avoid foot pain. Most orthopedic shoes lack the element of aesthetic that can make them appropriate for work or day time gatherings, but these aesthetic pieces are perfect to wear to summer barbecues and garden tea parties. They are also made with high quality so they are bound to last the entire season. Wear with all your formal, casual and professional attire with ease and comfort.


Summer calls for accessorizing smartly. A scarf is the most convenient and multi-purpose summer staple and can help you switch up your style from day to night. Our silk scarves are extra long so you can drape them, loop them around your neck or shoulders and even take them to the beach with you! They work well with work outfits because you can style them in multiple ways such as a chic french knot around the neck or a European loop. The gradient scarf comes in many different colors and is only for $22.99.

Queen’s Landing is here to help you feel summer ready! Visit our website to buy our womens pumps on sale  and accessories today!



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